Limited "Blue Star" CD's available at show this Sunday


I will have CDs' of "The Blue Star" available at the show this Sunday. This is the only place where you can get a physical CD. They will be available for $5 - and bring cash! Might be able to do Paypal as well.


For more information - see the calendar page:


The Once and Future World - free download

The Blue Star - Last week for free download


This is the final week that I will be offering a free download for my latest album "The Blue Star".

You can download it here:


The album is also available on Spotify and several other streaming services.


The Blue Star - #27 on ZMR

Show Saturday 9/19


I'm playing a sort of scaled down version of my typical show tomorrow night (Saturday) at an event called Poesic Fest. Here's the link for the fest:


Poesic Fest 2015


By "scaled down" I mean, no projectors/lights and less gear in general. There's a lot going on. The festival starts at 5pm and I go on at 9pm. So, I just wanted to bring an easy to set up rig and start playing. I'm taking a break now from practicing and tweaking out the set.

I'll be playing new material and a bit of old and will have a few copies of my latest CD- "The Blue Star". No physical CD's are available online, so if you want one, this will be the only place to get it!

So - come down to the Poesic Fest, drink some coffee and enjoy the show.





Robert Rich Show

Review of The Blue Star


The Blue Star by Mingo review

This album, consisting of eight instrumental tracks and almost an hour in length, has a space theme that suits the music perfectly, and brings to mind The Orb's ambient classic Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld. Opening track A Distant Moon sets an evocative mood, a single low end synth playing a repeated simple melody, eventually joined by a ghostly, haunting piano line and it's not difficult imagine yourself drifting through space as you listen.

Mingo makes masterly use of atmospherics and sound effects that can be very effective in giving a sense of other-worldliness, like on the slow-building Narvi. The title track is seven minutes of blissed-out beauty orbiting somewhere near Betelgeuse, but the two epic tracks Omega Point and Under Spiral Skies were my favourites, both around the ten minute mark. They employ pulsing tribal percussion and rhythmic patterns to great effect, whilst A Glimpse Of Dawn and final track Zeno end the album on a suitably transcendent and mysterious note.

Overall, this is a captivating and sonically fascinating album. Ambient music can take the listener on a journey and transport them in a way that perhaps no other genre of music can, and Mingo has become a seasoned practitioner of this art form. He has already built up a strong fanbase, and ambient/electronica lovers who are new to his work will find much to enjoy here.


Alex Faulkner (The Faulkner Review)


Download "The Blue Star" for free


My latest ambient album "The Blue Star" is currently available "everywhere" online, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. The physical CD will be out in about a month and until then, I am also giving away the album as a free download through NoiseTrade.

Download "The Blue Star" now!




The Blue Star track listing


1. A Distant Moon
2. Narvi
3. The Blue Star
4. Amida
5. Omega Point
6. Under Spiral Skies
7. A Glimpse Of Dawn
8. Zeno

About 55 minutes long


The Blue Star


I'm happy to announce that my latest Electro-Ambient/New Age album "The Blue Star" will be released in digital format in a few days. The physical CD will be out later this Spring.

"The Blue Star" is my first ambient album to come out since "Sky Over Sea" was released in 2013. Half of the tracks from Blue Star were written and performed live in 2014, but the only tracks I released last year were EDM and experimental.

I also plan to release alternate versions of Blue Star tracks over 2015 as singles. And soon I will announce the official launch party for Blue Star when I secured a date.



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