Album cover artwork


The original painting used for the cover art for the album "Echoes in a shallow sea" is for sale!


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Echoes In A Shallow Sea - drops August 2nd


Echoes in a shallow sea will be released August 2nd, 2018



Track List:

1. Dustland

2. Iolite

3. Pantheon

4. Primordial

5. Forestland

6. Timelash

7. Shallow Sea

8. Nebula





Echoes in a shallow sea - August Release


My next ambient album entitled "Echoes in a shallow sea" will be released in August!

This album is a bit more electronic and uses less organic instrumentation than some of my previous albums. Two of the songs are already available via YouTube or right here on this website: "Pantheon" and "Dustland". 

Exact date, full track listing and other details will be posted later on this site. 


- mingo


Textures Full Line Up - June 24th


(Reprinted from the Textures facebook page

symbolic insight & bios+a+ic present textures ambient showcase featuring live performances by Mingo, bios+a+ic, the{nothing}, Orchidz3ro on visuals. This event celebrates 4 years of textures at Mutiny Information Cafe, thanks to Jim & Matt.

textures ambient showcase features 3-4 live acts each LAST Sunday of the month, 7 p.m.,Mutiny Information Cafe, 2 S Broadway, Denver. Shows are ALL-AGES and beverages are available. We requests a $5 -10 donation for the artists.


Textures 2018


I am scheduled to perform at the Textures Ambient Showcase (anniversary event) on June 26, 2018. These events usually take place at Mutiny in Denver. More details to come as the event draws closer.

There will be several online performances before then, and possibly another live in person event prior to Textures. Details... details...


Numina - The Chroma Plateau


If you haven't already done so, do check out the new album from Colorado ambient artist Numina, "The Chroma Plateau" - recently featured on Hearts of Space and Echoes.


Numina - The Chroma Plateau on Spotify



Live Streaming Ambient Performance



I'm working on a new album to be released later this year. Here (hear?) is  "Luminescence" - the first track to be released from this album.  





Original painting used for Myth and Exosphere for sale

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