Elysium Chasma


I have a new dark ambient track "Elysium Chasma". This track was created using the Yahmaha DX27 FM Synthesizer.


"Elysium Chasma" is available on all streaming platforms including:



Apple Music


Entangled Time - New 1 hour ambient track


"Entangled Time is an excellent example of Mingo's mastery of ambient music. This is a single one hour track where tones ebb and flow through a dream like haze."




Available on Bandcamp


Terra Globa/Why I like Spotify and other streaming platforms


There has been an ongoing trend in my social media feed for the past few years – daily, one or a few of my “thousands of musician friends” on social media will post a list of payments they received for their songs from various streaming music services such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Tidal and several other platforms. Or they will re-post an article that discusses the payouts from the streaming services. And inevitably the point they are trying to make is how low musicians get paid compared to when fans of their music would buy downloads, or better yet purchase CD's at artificially inflated prices.


I won't get into too much detail regarding streaming payouts as there are several articles that have been and will be published about this topic. But basically, each streaming service pays the musician for each time their song is played – and that is precisely why I like this model of compensation for my work. To give an example, I have a song titled “Terra Globa” that for some reason has been getting significant play on Pandora as well as several other streaming services. This track was released on an album about six years ago. It's never been a popular track, and quite frankly, I forgot about it. I had to look it up and listen to it myself to remember what it sounded like. I remember it now, and it's well, just och. It's some kind of cross between a sub Saharan tribal sound and an early European Madrigal sound. It makes no sense really and I'm not exactly sure where my head was when recording it, but I do recall exploring different instruments at the time, such as the Oud. I do remember making it available for licensing, so perhaps someone is using it in their film or other project and others are looking up the song after hearing it. Or perhaps someone is lampooning me by illustrating what ridiculous songs I sometimes release into the world. And I am OK with however anyone found this track, because, to get to my point – I'm making money off a song that I released years ago and that I completely forgot about and was mostly overlooked by my fan-base at the time.


If streaming wasn't an available platform and we were still living in a world where music was only available via download or purchasing a physical product – I may never know that there was suddenly an interest in this song. I'm quite please that this track has taken on a new life. And not only do I have this song suddenly generating revenue, but I also have a whole host of statistics to show me what songs in my entire catalog are producing the most revenue. Many tracks from my debut album are still out streaming my latest efforts. Again, if streaming were not an option, or downloads for that matter and we were still buying CD's, well, my debut CD has been out of print for years so it wouldn't be generating revenue at this point. And not only is streaming providing a way of unlimited income for a track, but I have statistics to show me where my music is getting played and the demographics of those listening to my music. This is valuable information when it comes to promoting new releases or booking shows and tours. This information was harder to ascertain when streaming wasn't an option and radio was the only way to get the music out to current and potential fans.


Now that I have explained why I like streaming I must admit, I do agree that there are some issues with the payment system. With physical product, the artist could determine the price. And while companies such as iTunes set the price for downloads – at least it was consistent. With streaming, the payout method is all over the board and it would be nice to see some regulation. In time perhaps it will as the music industry seems to change at a much more rapid pace than in the past.


In the meantime – go check out “Terra Globa”, and I'll thank you in advance for the payment I'll receive from you listening to it. https://open.spotify.com/track/2wOJw3rFfseyrFNL0Rg6U1?si=iwKHNYuQQXqHh9EM_8MLsw



OWMR Awards 2018


My album "Echoes In A Shallow Sea" was nominated in the Best Ambient Album category. 


Adrian Collier with "Lost in Fractal Forest" was the winner in the category which was announced today, but it was nice to be nominated for the first time in the OWMR Awards. 




Vinyl EP version of "Above A Fractured Sky"


A 5 track EP version of "Above A Fractured Sky" is available on 12 inch vinyl. 

Click here to purchase "Above A Fractured Sky" vinyl EP.


The Once and Future World - 20th anniversary


My first ambient album - "The Once And Future World" was recorded 20 years ago in late 1999. It wasn't until 2005 when it was remastered at Airshow Mastering studio in Boulder, Colorado and then released on the HelmetRoom Recordings record label. 




61st Grammy Awards


Mingo attended the 61st Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday February 10th. The winner of the Best New Age Album was Opium Moon. Nominees included ambient musician Steve Roach (pictured below)

Steve Roach and Mingo at the Grammys


#5 Ambient Music Chart - And They The Dream



New Ambient music for the New Year - "Quoixia" - 1 hour long Space/Ambient music - First new Mingo track for 2019. Available now at: https://soundcloud.com/mingo-sphere/quoixia


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