Zen Ultra: Calm now streaming

Zen Ultra: Calm


New  album - Zen Ultra: Calm, the 6th edition in the "Zen Ultra" Ambient/Meditation/Sleep/Yoga/Massage music series. This 70 minute long album will be available for download and streaming in early June. The second track off the album can be streamed here:






The Blue Star - Eight months on the charts


My 2015 album, "The Blue Star" is still on the Zone Music Reporter top 100 radio charts after 8 months at #56 tied with my good friend and great artist Dave Preston with his album "In These Storms". The "Blue Star" peaked at #26 back in September. 




House Mixtape


I've spent the past couple of weeks working on House tracks. I put them together into a 30 minute mix and it is available on SoundCloud.




AstroField Grave - Live at the Fiske Planetarium 2006


There is only 1 physical CD left of "Astrofield Grave" - a live recording of my 2006 Fiske Planetarium show. I will not repress this as a physical CD. This is the last copy other than my own personal copy.

Performing at the Fiske Planetarium was one of my personal favorite shows. The album cover is one of my original paintings (acrylic on cotton canvas). I gave the original painting to a friend and I have the second version of the painting on my wall at home.

The CD is available at CdBaby for $24.97. Download available for $6.99.


Download "Broken World"

Mingo on Minds


I find myself using the relatively new social media site Minds.com a lot more lately. You can find me on Minds at:






I'm working on a new album entitled "Sendep". Two tracks are available on Soundcloud:


Sendep One

Sendep Three



"Sendep" will be the 2nd album I plan to release in 2016, with "Broken World" having been released earlier this year.



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Broken World


My latest Dark Ambient Space album "The Broken World" is now available for a limited time as a free download on NoiseTrade.



Approximately 60 minutes of deep space music.


Available soon on Spotify, iTunes, etc.


Track list:

1. Broken World

2. The Fourth Vision

3. The Darkest Day

4. Galatea

5. Under the Neo Shadow

6. Polar Morning

7. Orion Rising



Limited "Blue Star" CD's available at show this Sunday


I will have CDs' of "The Blue Star" available at the show this Sunday. This is the only place where you can get a physical CD. They will be available for $5 - and bring cash! Might be able to do Paypal as well.


For more information - see the calendar page:  



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